Bethesda Suing Warner Bros Over Stolen Code From Fallout Shelter

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter was their first mobile game, but it wasn’t developed by them it was actually developed by Studio Behaviour Interactive, which is the same studio which has now created the new Westworld mobile game.

The Westworld Mobile Game is based on the HBO hit series Westworld. Now The Westworld Mobile Game is similar to that of Fallout Shelter in terms of its gameplay, it has you overseeing a theme park.

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Now Bethesda is not suing them because the game is similar, as games being similar is pretty common when they are from the same genre. Especially when it is made by the same developer. Whats not common is a game having the same code and the same bugs.

So Bethesda is pointing out the Westworld mobile game has the same bugs that Fallout Shelter had in the early version of the game. Implying that the same code may have been used wholesale in the new game.

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Behaviour Interactive has taken the code without the permission of Bethesda and Bethesda are not happy due to the fact that the code was Bethesdas property.

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Meanwhile, in other news, Gears 5 is being built from the ground up for PC. 

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