Bethesda Doesn’t Like Murderers In Fallout 76

Bethesda Doesn’t Like Murderers In Fallout 76

Fallout 76 PVP system is different to how fans thought it would work. In Fallout 76 the way the PVP system will work is that in order for a kill to be justified when shooting at a player they will need to shoot back at you in order for the kill to be justified. If however, the player you are shooting at doesn’t shoot back and you kill them anyway then it won’t be a justified kill. More details can be found here.

Now if you become a murderer, you will get a bounty put on your head which tell other players where you are and that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that the bounty comes out your own pockets so you pay the bounty with your caps.

Now, none of this is new news but what is, however, is the fact that if you can’t afford the bounty then you are out of luck because you will be hit with a 2-hour penalty, so don’t go thinking you can cheat the system by having no caps.

The Penalty System and how it works

If a player kills you while you have a bounty on your head, Pete Hines VP of marketing at Bethesda explained:

“You lose whatever caps you have, down to zero, and you take a debuff that reduces the amount of damage you do to everything, Both other players and PvE. So you are now far less dangerous to everything as a penalty.”

“For two hours in the game, you’re going to be spitting spitballs at enemies to remind you that you’re a murderer,” Hines said. “Remember, we speak about murder as you killing someone who didn’t want to fight and wasn’t interested in engaging, not you fired at me, I fired at you, we both wanted to do this.

“It’s specifically to stop people doing this where it’s negative and one-sided. It’s meant to not be fun – you will do far less damage with anything you use for a period of time.”

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Fallout 76 is out on November 14.

In other news, Epic Games acquires game security firm Kamu.

Epic Games acquires game security firm Kamu



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