Battlefield V Beta may be released soon

Maybe as soon as next week

The Battlefield V beta could begin as early as next week, if a pair of dates that appeared on EA’s Origin storefront are to come true on their promise. The game’s closed alpha test took place earlier this summer, but the tile on its Origin page was updated yesterday, providing a pre-load date of 09:00 BST (04:00 ET, 01:00 PT) on August 13, and a release date of 09:00 BST on August 14.

It’s rare for alpha tiles to be updated after the test has drawn to a close, leading fans to speculate what’s actually going on. There’s some suggestion that these new dates could refer to a second alpha test, but EA hasn’t mentioned anything like that before now, so it seems unlikely.


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More probable is the suggestion that these dates are for the start of the Battlefield V beta. With Battlefield V’s arrival not too far away, people would be itching for a beta to come out around this time, fine tuning any minor details in the process.

The confusing thing, however, is that DICE themselves have said that there’ll be a beta out “in early September”  Confusing matters even more, the official Battlefield Twitter account posted yesterday saying “they say if you wish for something hard enough…”

That could mean an extra, previously unannounced round of testing, but as that original Alpha tile has been edited to remove those dates since they were pointed out. It seems as though DICE and EA are keeping quiet. Either way, keep an eye out for any surprise Battlefield announcements at the beginning of next week.

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Comment below on what you think of this, below is the trailer to Battlefield V, due to be released October 19th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news PUBG’s Dogebomb event mode is doing fairly well.

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