Battlefield Leaker Reveals Info About Next Game

A screenshot from Battlefield 4.

The next Battlefield game will take advantage of the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett. Image Source: EA

A new leak on Reddit has surfaced with a host of new and detailed information about the next Battlefield game. In the Reddit post, a user using a throwaway account claims to have obtained this information from some ex-DICE workers whom he met through his work at a design agency. Additionally, the leaker has shared some additional information with us that we’ll share here.

In this article, we’ll do our best to sum up the user’s meatiest claims. As always, since this is a leak from an unverifiable source, take this info with a grain or two of salt. Without further ado, here’s what the leaker had to say:

It Isn’t Bad Company 3.

Last year and earlier this year, rumours started to crop up that the next BF game would be a third Bad Company game. Bad Company is a much-beloved subseries of the Battlefield franchise, so a return to that series would make sense. However, this leaker claims that, while this was once true, it is no longer the case. According to the leak, the project was once planned to be Bad Company 3, but they ran into a number of issues. Firstly, the game apparently “didn’t feel” like a Bad Company game, and the team at DICE ran into issues replicating what made Bad Company so beloved. Additionally, they were unable to secure a good chunk of the team from the other game. All of this made making a new Bad Company seem a little unfeasible.

It’ll have overhauled destruction.

The Battlefield games have always been beloved for their deep destruction engines, and this new entry will be no different. The leaker claims that the new Battlefield title will take advantage of next-gen hardware and feature more dynamic destruction. This includes stuff like more realistic bullet holes as well as being able to completely level buildings, with different materials having dynamic and realistic strength. Additionally, a revamped version of Battlefield 4’s “Levolution” system will return, this time adding a strategic element to the destruction-based map progression system. The user went a little deeper into this when speaking to DGR, saying that DICE “really want to amp up the destruction this time around”. This includes factors like environments reacting extremely realistically to bullets and explosives, again making full use of the PS5 and Scarlett’s capabilities.

Anything else?

There’s lots more to unpack, particularly about the story and multiplayer gameplay. Here’s a quickfire list of some of the other stuff that the game will reportedly feature:

    • In terms of story, not much is known but it’ll be set in the distant future of 2030, and will include things like AI and robots as part of the world. This entry will feature a full story campaign as opposed to the War Stories featured in Battlefield 1 and V.
    • Gameplay-wise, the user mentions a host of game modes that will be making a return. These are as follows:
        • Conquest
        • Air Assault
        • Rush
        • Breakthrough
        • Commander
    • We’ll also be seeing a host of new vehicles that take advantage of the game’s more futuristic setting, such as drones and UAVs in addition to the usual host of Battlefield vehicles.
    • Speaking to DGR, the user also confirmed that he’d heard there’ll be a map set in Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

The post has a few more interesting tidbits, and also provides some insight into the game’s somewhat troubled production cycle, so it’s definitely worth a read if that interests you.

When speaking to Daily Gaming Report, the user also wished to stress that his information only covers the game’s development prior to this June, so it might be safe to assume that progressions in development may have changed the game somewhat.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the new Battlefield game? Leave your thoughts in the comments! Also, while you’re here, check out our Youtube Channel for more gaming news!

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