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Battlefield 5 offers Cosmetic Only-Microtransactions and no Premium Pass

Battlefield 5’s launch, on November 20th, is approaching quickly and EA has been revealing more information along the way. With its recently released timeline of Chapters, the team has announced that there will be no Premium Pass for Battlefield 5 and that all microtransactions will be cosmetic only.

While playing through Battlefield 5, players are able and encouraged to grow ‘The Company’. ‘The Company’ is simply a collection of soldiers, weapons, and vehicles and will vary depending on your army or faction throughout each game.

Progress is represented by ranks in five categories which are Career Rank, Class Rank, Weapon Rank, Vehicle Rank, and Chapter Rank.

The progress is done via Company Coin which is earned simply by playing and can be spent on the Skill Tree, Weapons/Upgrades, new Gear/Weapons/Vehicles, and Cosmetic Items.

On the other hand, Battlefield Currency, which is ‘real-world’ money can only be used for Cosmetic Items.

The shift away from Premium Pass as well as microtransactions that impact gameplay is a welcome change to the longstanding series. The Premium Pass was notorious for separating players who were unable to purchase it and in the game’s lifespan, populations of certain maps would deteriorate as a result.

Additionally, as microtransaction trends have grown across the industry, EA making a step away from its impact in gameplay and competitiveness is excellent.

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