Battle For Azeroth Pits Horde and Alliance players against one another to fight for there fraction. Battle For Azeroth released August 14th and with it saw 3.4 Million units sold setting a new day one sales record.

Mike Morhaime, CEO, and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment had this to say:

“Battle for Azeroth is a definitive chapter in the Horde and Alliance conflict at the heart of Warcraft, and it’s been thrilling to see players representing their factions in record numbers and embarking on their war campaigns—not to mention joining in ourselves,”

“But the launch is just the beginning of this conflict. More epic content is coming to World of Warcraft in the weeks ahead, and we can’t wait for players to experience the full story as it unfolds over the course of the expansion.”

Players should expect more from Battle For Azeroth with many more features on the way which will be listed down below:

  • In the coming weeks, players will be able to charge into Battle for Azeroth’s first Warfront, Stromgarde—a 20-player co-op battle for control of a key strategic stronghold in the Arathi Highlands.
  • On September 4, the gates will open to Battle for Azeroth’s first raid—Uldir, an ancient titan facility housing horrific Old God experiments gone awry.
  • Also on September 4, the expansion’s first PvP season and first Mythic Keystone dungeon season will commence. The Mythic Keystone dungeon will feature a unique “seasonal affix”—Infested—that introduces new challenges based on the corrupted denizens dwelling in the Uldir raid.
  • Beyond that, additional updates are in the works that will provide even more content for players on an ongoing basis, including the ability to recruit the Kul Tiran humans and Zandalari trolls as playable Allied Races. More information on future updates will be shared at a later date.

Now it is no surprise this expansion has done so well, especially with the way they hyped the game up by bring out cinematics and then war stories. When fans saw these they couldn’t wait to get there hands on the expansion.

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