Backer Trial for Shenmue III Will Come to Epic Games Store the Second Half of September

Shenmue III trial

Shenmue III has been on the table for a while now. The Kickstarter for the third instalment began a couple of years ago and amassed a grand total of 69,320 backers. It also managed to exceed its donation target of $2,000,000, and in the end, finished with $6,333,295, which is a great feat!

Well, if you had been wondering about some of the extras that were promised along with particular pledge levels, then you will be happy to know that in mid-September there will be a trial available. The Shenmue III Backer Trial Version will be available to those who donated during either the initial Kickstarter campaign or the Slacker Backer campaign. It is worth noting however, that you may not be able to access it if you paid for one of the lower-priced pledges.

The Trial After the Trail

The trial is a standalone experience that also comes with a play guide in a PDF format. In the demo, you will be able to explore more of Bailu Village and interact with the locals. There is, of course, the main mission that you will undertake as well. The trial will be approximately 1 hour long. It is replayable, and you will be able to create saves as you progress through it. However, the save from the trial will not be associated with the main save from the actual game when it is released on November 19th.

Ys Net has stated that the trial will only be available for a limited amount of time. We are currently not sure how long the time limit is, but it will be deactivated at some point before the official launch.

After such a long wait, it will be nice to actually play some of the game! For many fans, it has been over a decade of waiting to see where the storyline goes. The game has been pushed back multiple times due to quality concerns. So, with this in mind, I hope that it feels like a true successor to the first two games. I myself have been waiting since I was 9… I am now 24! If you haven’t played the first two games, you can pick up a re-mastered copy for both Xbox One & PS4! It is also great as a nostalgic romp.

Until the release, make sure to check out our Twitter and Youtube for the latest news. We’d love to see you over there!


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