Avowed, Skyrim-like RPG, coming to Xbox

Avowed (Player View)
A new medieval RPG will be coming to Xbox (Picture: Obsidian Entertainment)

A new game from RPG developer Obsidian Entertainment, Avowed, is coming to Xbox

It seems Xbox fans are going to be getting a brand new RPG from acclaimed producers Obsidian Entertainment. In today’s Xbox Games Showcase, they revealed their next project, Avowed. Although we only saw a few seconds of gameplay, we got to see a decent amount of the setting for the game. Also, we saw a few similarities to the game we know and love.

Avowed is Obsidian's answer to The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on Xbox ...

Avowed is another game set in the fantasy world of Eora, the same setting as Obsidian‘s Pillars of Eternity franchise. The gameplay we saw shows that it’s a first-person RPG, along the same lines as Skyrim. In fact, the use of magic in one hand and a sword in the other was remarkably similar to it. But, the visuals are a clear update, making use of the Xbox Series X’s changes from the current generation.

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This game is the first RPG from Obsidian since The Outer Worlds, and we have high hopes for it. We’ll leave you with the trailer from the Xbox Games Showcase. This high fantasy game seems like one of the more exciting releases for Xbox’s next-generation console.

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