Avengers BETA release dates

Avengers BETA release dates
Release dates for BETA revealed

PS4 players get to test it first!

Anyone that watched the Avengers War Table event will know by now that the game is still on track for September 4th release date. If you have pre-ordered it, then you should have also received a code for the BETA.

PS4 players will be happy to learn that they can try it first. August 7th is BETA launch day (PS4) and August 14th for Xbox. This would tell me that Sony has probably done a deal with the Avengers developer, so its also possible that future ‘special’ content might be in store for PS4 players (i’m purely guessing though). The open BETA for all platforms will then be the 21st of August.

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If you what information on the actual content for the BETA then you will have to wait until July 29th for the next Avengers War Table event. This will most likely be talking about the test days and what to expect.

And in case you are wondering what all the fuss is about, Avengers is going to be and action-adventure fighting game. Similar to the Marvel Alliance games (so much fun). If you haven’t ordered it, then go check out some of the online footage and ready your cosplay outfit for some geek goodness in September!

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