Audio Suggests That Titans Are Coming To Apex Legends

Titans may be coming to Apex Legends. Yes, we know you have heard tons of rumors and speculation, but this time there is audio. Allegedly.

The site, Gaming Intel, claims that they have uncovered proof that Titans and other enemies are coming to Respawn’s hit, Apex Legends.

The site states, “Gaming INTEL has manipulated the game in such a way that characters have started saying the word ‘Titan’, amongst other leaked audio quotes.”

So, did that happy-go-lucky Pathfinder spill the beans? Watch the video posted to the site and judge for yourself.

While this may seem like conclusive evidence that Titans are coming, some remain skeptical. For starters, video and audio can easily be faked or manipulated in this day and age. A quick Google search can show you a convincing video of President Obama saying some interesting things, only to find out that it was the voice of Jordan Peele.

Even if the video is genuine, there is still a degree of modification within that could make it look like Pathfinder is saying ‘titan’. Just do a YouTube search for “Skyrim Thomas mod” and enjoy.

Don’t misunderstand, giant mechs would be an incredible addition to the already amazing Apex Legends. Battle Royale Titanfall is good for everyone and the hope is that one day it will become reality.

However, as of this writing, Respawn has made no announcements regarding the inclusion of titans or additional enemy types.

Apex Legends is currently available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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