Asobo Studio Due to Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator Reboot

Microsoft Flight Simulator is set to take flight in 2020 (Picture: Asobo Studio)

Asobo Studio Flight Simulator has switched courses towards the world of aviation. (Picture: Asobo Studio)

Asobo Studio shot out of the dark earlier this year with the heartwarming story A Plague Tale: Innocence. Since then, we’ve been able to witness the underdog French developer clawing their way to the very peak of gaming. Through a beautiful narrative and a captivating plotline, A Plague Tale managed to steal the hearts of gamers worldwide. This, of course, resulted in snatching up some nominations at the 2019 Golden Joystick Awards and Golden Game Awards.

However, despite the wide success of the story-driven title, Asobo Studio has indeed switched courses and decided to focus on something else entirely as opposed to delivering a sequel to A Plague Tale. But, perhaps that’ll come in a few years time. If we had to take a guess, it would seem Asobo are still trying to find their feet within the community.

According to the Asobo Studio site, a hunt has commenced for ambitious level designers, aviation fanatics and community developers. These positions combined with the current Asobo team are due to carry out further work on the upcoming reboot of the Microsoft Flight Simulator due to launch next year.

Microsoft Flight Simulator was announced at E3 2019 with a vague 2020 release window on both Xbox One and PC. However, with Asobo Studio in the hiring phase, it could mean the project isn’t quite ready. Or, you know, it could mean something else. Perhaps additional teams are being taken on to work on DLC for later months. Either way, I think we’re all pretty excited to see what happens next.

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