ARMA 3 – Teaser Trailer Reveals New Expansion Coming Soon


As stated in the trailer, this isn’t something we were expecting…

Recently, a teaser trailer (shown below) has been released for yet another expansion for the PC game released 6 years ago!… That is ARMA 3.

The latest expansion to ARMA 3 was released in December last year. This added ‘Warlords missions’ in which two teams battle to control the enemy’s base, capturing AI-controlled sectors along the way.

It will be interesting the see what the newest expansion has to bring to the game. While the teaser itself doesn’t seem to give much away, the teaser’s description certainly does stating “Emergency Alert go inside immediately, close all doors and windows.” Of course, this could mean a number of things from weather effects to biohazards and battle royale!

It’s hard to say at this point but the full reveal is due on 23rd May… That is right, just 2 days! Keep an eye out on Daily Gaming Report for more updates.

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