Arena of Valor officially arrives to the Nintendo Switch this September

Arena of Valor officially arrives to the Nintendo Switch this September

Arena of Valor will make it’s debut on the Nintendo Switch come this September. Recently there was a beta version out for a bit, if you missed that however don’t worry. Like the mobile version on iOS and Android this game is free to download along with it’s global server letting you play with anyone who downloaded the game on a different server.

Additionally the Switch version will include a Motion Sensor Hook War Game mode which allows you to play the game by swinging your Joy-Cons at your safety and leisure.

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Tencent Games also plans to release a “status match” event which will allow players of the mobile version to be able to unlock more content such as new characters as well as transfer their progress onto the Switch port to continue the fun.

Though without an official release date at this time Arena of Valor seems to be welcoming the Switch with open arms much like recent ports arriving soon to the hybrid console. Comment below on what you think of Arena of Valor coming to the Switch. Below is a trailer promoting the game coming to the Switch I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Overwatch releases it’s Shooting Star animated short as well as new maps for the game.

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