Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more?

Are we in the eye of a Bulletstorm? Could we expect more?

You might remember Bulletstorm. Gears of War aesthetic with Skate sensibilities. “As much inspiration from Tony Hawk as Markus Fenix”, according to Eurogamer’s review of the remake. But it kind of fizzled out. Bulletstorm never received a sequel at all, and despite doing well critically, it became a “cult curio” and people moved on.

Maybe that is changing, if People Can Fly get their way. Talking to Game Informer, the CEO of the company, Sebastian Wojciechowski, showed the company’s love for the game. The release of the remastered edition, Bulletstorm Full Clip edition, spurred this discussion on. The remaster reminded the company of the IP and the public’s interest in it.

“We felt like it was a good opportunity to bring this title to back then ‘next-gen’ consoles, and kind of see how this game would be accepted by gamers,” he said. “It went really, really well… it is kind of proving that we should do something about this IP going forward.”

People Can Fly, formerly Epic Games Poland, has been independent since 2015, and they own the IP outright. So, they could do conceivably whatever they wanted with it without worrying about conflicts regarding Bulletstorm’s ownership. However, they are currently working on a “AAA shooter” with Square Enix, as of May 2018. There was also no bad blood between them and their former owners, as they provided development support in Fortnite. The inescapable game, it seems.

The developers also made the critically successful Painkiller, at least the first one. However Painkiller, not owned by People Can Fly, has been “milked by other developers”, according to Wojciechowski in the above interview. So, that game seems unlikely to be seeing a future but Bulletstorm? Bulletstorm just might. For his part, Wojciechowski had this to say;

“I know some people still remember the game, but sometimes I think it’s good that people remember the game as it was, rather than someone really trying to bring it back and then everyone being like, ‘Aw, we thought it would be something else.’”

So, not ruling it out, but nowhere near confirming anything. Did you play Bulletstorm or it’s remaster? Do you think it ended prematurely? Or would newer games only drag out a contained story? Let us know what you think about these questions, or anything else, in the comments.

In other news: Dying Light 2 takes series in ambitious new direction.

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