April’s NES Games For Nintendo Switch Online Subscribers

Just like Xbox and PlayStation, Nintendo releases free NES Games for their Online Subscribers.  April’s line-up consists of Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels, Punch-Out and Star Soldier.


Star Soldier is a vertical scrolling shooter.  You take yourself in a floating space station occupied by Starbrain, which is a giant computer.  You are there to stop the computer’s invasion through sixteen different stages.

Super Mario Bro: The Lost Levels which was called Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan.  This game you will be familiar with the game play but also you will discover new challenges.  You will encounter backward warp zones, wind gusts and Poison Mushrooms to name a few.

Punch Out is a classic game where you take your character Little Mac through many rounds all the way up to the Championship match.  Will you be able to defeat King Hippo?

To gain access to these titles and more you will need Nintendo Switch Online.

Who is excited to get their hands on these three classic titles?   Comment Below!

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My name is Scott Hurd and I reside from eastern Pennsylvania. I have my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have a passion for video games and always wanted to do something that included video games.

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