Apex Legends: Solo mode but only for a limited time

Apex Legends Iron Collection Event

No official details have been ascertained for this new title update coming to Apex Legends, so no-one clearly knows what it entails. However, We do know that Respawn have revealed that they will be running a limited time Solos Mode in Apex Legends between the dates of August 13th to August 27th.

The company did clarify that more in-depth information on this event will be announced when it goes live. This has been one of the most fan-requested features of the Apex Legends community, and Respawn has taken notice, which is apparent. But, how they will handle it is unknown.

The standard model for Fortnite and Apex Legends is a three-person squad-based team, but for Apex teamwork is vitally needed. As the characters that you use, all have specific skills and abilities that benefit your squad as a whole, but how will they change this for Solo Mode? For example, what about support-based characters such as Lifeline? Whom is primarily a healer class, how will she fare against someone who is attack-based? With this in mind are they going to amend the character roster? Are they going to change all the characters for Solo Mode? So many questions need answers.


What about the map, are they going to shrink it? The map is a pretty hefty size even for 60 people, but when that gets decreased for a 20 players free-for-all, that hefty size is now a colossal size. All we can do is speculate until we hear new information.

The two-week limited play could be a way to gauge interest and try a whole different style of game, and then they listen to player feedback. And later in a few months maybe try again, until it is perfect for a release to stay indefinitely.

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