Apex Legends Possibly Gaining a Flamethrower and Turret

Apex Legends is gaining momentum since it was launched. It recently just got an update which had both the Wingman and the Peacekeeper shotgun. While this update came out people have discovered from the code that there might be two possibly new weapons coming to Apex Legends.

These two new weapons could be the Flamethrower and Turret. Knowing that this leak has formed Respawn Entertainment could actually hold off on these two weapons. Even though we do not know if and when these two could surface, we don’t know if this leak is actually true.

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According to Austin Scriver, who shared game files showing both the flamethrower and turret are listed. We are all speculating that it could be weapons, but it could also be for a new character that could be coming to Apex as well.

While we only can take these leaks with a grain of salt, we can however talk about how big this first season of Apex is going to be. With the battle pass in the making and also new characters and weapons coming in the future. Don’t take Apex for granted they are hear to play and stay.

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What is everyone’s take on these leaks? Do you guys think they are true? Comment below!

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