Next Apex Legends Character + Battle Pass Release Date Confirmed?!

‘I got some adrenaline over here!’


Recently a new Daily Esports report via a source that would like to remain anonymous has revealed that ‘Octane’ will be Apex Legends’ next hero.

Interestingly a high quality image has been shared that matches up to other leaks that have been circulating around Reddit (shown above)… One of which actually shows the character’s skill set. (shown below)

Octane Skillset

The above mentioned source stated that “Octane is a central promotional figure for the pass and thus should be released either alongside the Battle Pass or just before it.” Also, “they are confident in a March 12 release date for the game’s first Battle Pass.” 

I personally am looking forward to playing as some new characters in Apex Legends, I look forward to see what Respawn Entertainment will give us in the near future. If you havn’t seen it already a roadmap was provided by Respawn however does give us very limited information on what the content will actually be. Check this out below.


Unfortunately, At this moment in time we don’t have much more information on what the battle pass will actually bring us however would assume it will work in a similar way to Fortnite’s battle pass system. As further updates are revealed of course we will keep you in the loop at Daily Gaming Report! Do leave us a comment below… What would you like to see come to Apex Legends?

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