Apex legends is coming to Mobile

Apex legends
Apex legends may be coming to mobile sometime this year.

The APEX of MOBILE gaming for these LEGENDS!

For anyone that is a gamer but has for some reason been living under a rock, here are a few statistics for EA’s Apex Legends. Released in February  2019 on PS4, Xbox, and Windows this free to play (Apart from the odd loot crate and battle pass) battle arena had a grand total of ZERO marketing and by the end of its first month had over fifty million players. A Nintendo Switch version is due to drop anytime soon and the whole thing will be totally cross-platform.

The game itself is a simple 3v3 battle royale using pre-made ‘Legends’ across varying maps. Since release, single-player and two-player team options have been added and as of season 5, there were 13 Legends to choose from, with each match featuring 20 squads. Once in a team, you are shipped off to the map and one ‘leader’ of the team decides when the whole team should skydive from the transport. You can see roughly where the other teams are landing by colored smoke and once on the ground you can if you choose, leave your team behind and try to be a lone wolf or just a general git!

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So what next? As I mentioned above, Legends will be coming to Switch soon, but the real buzz is mobile play. News from EA’s investor Fireside Chat (Daniel Ahmed) announced that the plan is to bring this battlefield to your mobile by the end of the year (His words, not mine). To be honest it makes total sense that EA would want a piece of this pie. Fortnite already has battle royale on iOS and Android and it seems to work.

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The question is, how well will the fast-paced action of Apex look on your mobile. Not sure about you guys but the thought of trying to use my touch screen instead of a controller sits awkwardly with me, that said, if it works then trips on the train will be a lot more lively than they are now.

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