Apex Legends Gun Charms on Steam!

Apex Legends
Exclusive Gun Charms on Steam

Exclusive items for PC players only!

The EA success story that is Apex Legends is coming to steam sometime in the Autumn. This is will be a welcome edition for any PC players who are itching to get in and join the 70 million players already jumping into the giant Battle Royale.

To celebrate the release on steam, PC players will be treated to three gun charms.

Gun Charm

1 of 3 exclusive gun charms

And as you can see they look fun!!

Gun Charms

2 out of 3 gun charms!

Unfortunately we don’t yet have an exact date for the release of the steam version.

gun charms

3 out of 3 lucky charms

For those of you that have no idea what a gun charm is, here is a short description. Its a charm that goes on your gun. About the size of large paperclip. Its a really cool way to ‘bling up’ your weapons and is a good way to show off. Its a neat little way to show status in the game as there are other ways to get different charms. To get the charms made, EA partnered up with Valve (makers of Portal and Half-life), hence the obvious looking tie-in charms.

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Be warned however, as these are  a limited edition. All you have to do to get them is log onto the game through steam. The EA website has 3D renditions here, if you’re still thirsty for more.

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