Apex Legends – Full Roster of Upcoming Characters Leaked


Recently, a new Apex Legends leak has surfaced. The leak claims to show a complete list of characters who will be added to the Apex Legends over the coming months.

The image, tweeted by That1MiningGuy (shown below) shows a sheet of paper, which allegedly covers a three month period between July and October. The sheet divides the Legends into three categories — Production, Design Alpha, and Future Characters.

Included in ‘Production’ are Crypto, who was released at the start of Season 3, Revenant who first appeared in the game’s files following the Iron Crown Collection event, and Loba, who has previously been called Rosie in the game’s files.

In the ‘future characters’ section there are 4 characters mentioned, Blisk and Downfall are mentioned by name while the others are without names for the time being.

Of course, as with any leak, there’s no guarantee that this information is accurate so, do take it with a pinch of salt.

The game’s next major in-game event is called “fight or fright” which was leaked by Respawn themselves and is scheduled to take place over Halloween. During the event it’s very possible we may see a hint towards the next Legend release and, not only that but it looks like Zombies will be taking over too?! Let us know what you think of it in the comments section below!

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