Apex Legends Announces New Event Including a New Heirloom, Equipment and More in the System Override Event

A character from Apex Legends
New Bangalore Skins (Picture: Respawn)

Season 4 of Apex Legends deemed Assimilation, began in February and has been great so far, but Respawn refuses to take their foot off the gas. Respawn tweeted out of nowhere, announcing a new event. From the official Apex Legends Twitter, “The strong will rise, and the weak will perish with the System Override Collection Event.”

The System Override event begins on March 3, 2020, and continues through March 17, 2020, and the event will have a prize system similar to the Grand Soiree Arcade Event. The list of prizes is full of new legend skins, a unique heirloom for Octane, and more. Respawn seems to use these events to test out potential new modes and to have some more fun with the game. Kings Canyon, the first map released when Apex Legends released, will return in ranked mode during the second week of the event.

Shows the list of event prizes

System Override prizes

One of the exciting new aspects of the event is a new way to handle the way loot spawns throughout the map. Loot is usually randomly placed throughout the map, with specific locations having a higher chance of better loot.

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However, the System Override event completely changes the way loot spawns on the map. Deja Loot, the name Respawn has given to the new loot system, will have loot spawn in the same location throughout the event. Meaning that if you find a gold shield in a crate in Skyhook, it will be in that same box for the entire event.

As if that was not enough, Respawn is also adding an entirely new shield to the game, the Evo shield. This shield will change depending on how much damage a player does while it is equipped. The level of the shield increases even past the current gold shield. For now, this shield will only be available in the Deja Loot event but potentially could be added to the main game later on.

One of the most coveted things a player can get in Apex Legends is an Heirloom for their favorite legends. These items are purely cosmetic, but they add an extra level of detail to your legend. Not all legends currently have an heirloom; the list consists of Wraith, Bloodhound, Lifeline, and Pathfinder that do. However, that seems to be changing in this next event.

Octane, which was the first character added out of the original roster, is finally getting his Heirloom. A sort of hybrid that mixes his stim syringe with a butterfly knife.

Octanes New Heirloom

Heirlooms have always been a complicated item to obtain in Apex Legends. But it seems like they just got a bit easier to obtain. At the moment, the only way a player can unlock an heirloom item is through opening Apex packs. Now, this is a tiny chance each time, 1 in 500 to be exact and guaranteed after 500 packs are opened. Now in the past, you had no control over which Heirloom you got when you did finally open one.

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For example, if you wanted Bloodhound’s Heirloom, you had to get lucky enough to pull his hatchet out of the other four heirlooms available. This is changing with the new update, players will now instead get Heirloom Shards, and they will then be able to choose which Heirloom they want. The Apex community has been asking for this for a while now. So it’s nice to see it finally arriving.

System Override looks like a great example of what players will be able to expect going forward with similar events. We cannot wait to dive into the new event. Tell us about your favorite Apex Legends memory on Twitter!

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