Anthony Newman – Game Co-Director Says The Last Of Us II Will “Redefine Triple-A In 2020”

Ellie drawing her bow.
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Aside from the trailers and previews on The Last Of Us II, little else is really known about the sequel. Now a little more information has come to light in a Twitter post. The game’s co-director Anthony Newman has revealed The Last Of Us II will “redefine triple-a in 2020”.

So, it’s a bold statement from Newman, but The Last Of Us II could prove to be just that. The Last Of Us II is out on May 29, 2020, following a delay from Naughty Dog to perfect the long-awaited sequel.

Considering the acclaim received from the original, the developers are taking no chances, but Anthony Newman’s enthusiasm over the project promises big things to come.

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Furthermore, the sequel will be a playable game at this year’s PAX East. Obviously, the trade show will be in seriously high demand considering its popularity, so fans are being advised not to wait around. PAX East runs from February 27 to March 1.

Better still, for a full hour, players will be permitted to play a section of the game called Patrol. As an overview, the section involves Dina and Ellie venturing out to clear infected from the area. It’s an exciting opportunity for those who can’t wait until May.

So, to avoid disappointment, fans are being urged to download the Experience PlayStation App to book and then turn up and play. This will give players the chance to discover whether or not Anthony Newman is really true to his word.

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The news may not be much ultimately, as Naughty Dog continues to tease its fans in the final three months.

The Last Of Us II will be released onto the Playstation 4 for May 29, 2020.

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