Anthem’s Loot Systems Prevents Other Players Stealing Loot

Players will be happy to hear that Anthem’s loot system prevents other players form swiping your loot from under your nose. This has been a problem in many online multiplayer games in the past, grating on many players who grind away at missions only to get their hard-earned rewards looted from them.

In a Reddit post by a Bioware Lead Producer it is noted that “All loot is personal (not shared with the team), and we’ll make tweaks to ensure that’s clear.” This comes after the first Anthem closed alpha which gave a select few players the ability to play the first few missions of the alpha build. In the alpha build only the first three missions of the game were available, and all pilots were capped at level five. Additionally, the number of different types of creatures roaming the game was also cut in the alpha build.


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It’s fair to say players will be happy that loot will not only be available to all players involved in the loot drop mission but will also be customised. Due to the four different Javelin types and loot being a critical part to upgrading your specific class, personalised loot will be vital in levelling up your chosen Javelin.

You can read more on the details of the first closed alpha test in the Reddit post here.

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