Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct Reveals New Details

A picture of AC:NH online play.
The more the merrier, they say. (Picture: The Verge)

A Nintendo Direct centered around Animal Crossing: New Horizons premiered live this morning and featured more gameplay footage and new details coming to the game, which launches in exactly one month.

Tom Nook’s “Deep Dive Into Deserted Island Life” was split into three parts that consisted of a refresher, new content, and a FAQ.


To begin, the direct gave us all a refresher on what is soon to come from AC:NH. Players will be able to choose their destination from four pre-made island templates and will move into a tent on the island.

Also, players for the first time ever will choose which hemisphere they want to live in: Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere. This will affect how the seasons change during the game, which goes by a real-time clock.

Players will live alongside other animal residents and can choose where the animals will place their tents.

Also, as we have seen before, Tom Nook will give the player tools to get crafting materials with and other items such as fruit. These handmade items are new to New Horizons and add another layer of customization.

A picture of the crafting menu.

A sneak peek into the crafting menu. (Picture: Hardcore Gamer)

The Nook Phone will be used by the player and will function similar to a smartphone. It has apps that allow the player to take pictures or interact with other players. Alongside that, there is an airport that players can use to visit each other’s islands. Up to eight players can be on a single island at once during online play, and four players can play at the same time in local play.

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The direct showcased how players can opt to upgrade from a tent to a house, and then upgrade that house further to make it bigger. Just like previous games, houses can have multiple rooms and other customizations like different color roofs.

New Content

The direct introduced visiting new islands as a part of a tour. Nook Miles, points that you earn via your Nook Phone, can be used to get a plane ticket to another exotic island full of different trees, bugs, fish, etc. Players will be able to collect and harvest as they please and take home whatever they can grab.

A screenshot of AC:NH gameplay with the Nook Phone apps.

Some of the apps on the Nook Phone. (Picture: Siliconera)

Further into the game, players will be granted access to reserving spaces on the island to house new residents in. This gives the player more control over where the residents are located. In addition to that, the player will be given a Designer Permit, which allows brand new island customization. Players can landscape their island to their heart’s content, adding pathways, building bridges, digging out waterfalls, creating cliffs, filling in rivers, and more.

The player choosing between different landscaping features.

The possibilities are endless! (Picture: Siliconera)

Also, as the island grows, familiar faces will return and set up shop. The Museum has an updated new look, the Able Sisters make their way onto the island, along with Isabelle, Kicks, and the rest of the gang.

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Nintendo ended the direct with a brief FAQ. The following answers were provided:

  • Eight players using one Switch can each have save files on one copy of AC:NH, but will share a single island.
  • The game does support amiibo and animal crossing cards, and Photopia lets you create photoshoots with the characters.
  • Some characters, including DJ KK, are not in the game at launch but will be coming later in free updates.
  • Players can connect with others who are not on their friend list by using temporary Dodo Codes from the airport.
  • Destructive tools like axes and shovels are restricted when visiting other people’s islands unless you are on their “best friend” list.
  • Animal Crossing does not support Switch Online cloud saves, but Nintendo is planning a service to restore save files on damaged or stolen Switch consoles.
  • There is an Animal Crossing themed Nintendo Switch console, and it releases March 13.
  • Free updates will be released that include events and holidays. The first free update will celebrate Bunny Day in April.

Watch the full Nintendo Direct here:

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