Alien: Isolation Switch Release could be very soon

Alien: Isolation Switch release

You might not have heard that the alien-infested horror title Alien: Isolation is releasing for the Nintendo Switch this year. Get ready to become scared witless as now with added portability you can actually hide under your bed while Alien is hunting for you in-game. Creative Assembly has done a fantastic job with this title as a whole, for every platform.

If we are correct in this assumption, Isolation has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board for the Nintendo Switch, so that might mean Isolation is getting ready for an imminent launch as it has gone gold.


The dev team behind Isolation has done a marvellous job porting the title to the Switch, and worry not Isolation has not been censored or held back in any way in regards to its gore and violence. The ESRB rated it an M, as it contains frequent use of ‘Blood, Strong Language [and] Violence,‘ the full description of the game from the ESRB is below:

“When Ripley is spotted by an alien, a short cutscene depicts her getting knocked down and bitten in the face, or stabbed through the chest with a spike. Blood is depicted when players are impaled; several corpses can be seen lying in pools of blood during the course of the game.”

Howbeit, this is an assumption because of Isolation has gone gold, but we shall wait and see if it was a correct one to make, we might see it in a few months or a few weeks. Hopefully, a few weeks because I cannot wait to hide in a locker in real life while playing Alien: Isolation because I could not think of a better game that will benefit from full immersion.

Have you played Alien: Isolation before? Let us know in the comments down below!

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