Activision issues refunds for Guitar Hero TV until the end of 2018

Its been reported by Activision that they’ll be issuing refunds for Guitar Hero TV. This will go as far as December of last year before the service went up on January 1st, 2019.

So Guitar Hero TV was a streaming service for Guitar Hero Live which allowed players to play songs in a set routine rather than DLC to purchase new songs. Activision did announce the foreclosure of the streaming mode over the summer of 2018 but are giving people time to get their refunds back.

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If you are those few with who need a refund you’ll actually be able to keep your songs from the TV mode. Just send Activision your proof of purchase and they’ll send you a gift card for your troubles. If no receipt is on hand Activision will try to verify your information for you.

Well at least they tried something different with the series and it didn’t work out, it happens. Comment below on what you think of the refunding for Guitar Hero TV.

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