Activision Gives Update On Controller Support With Call Of Duty: Mobile

When Call Of Duty: Mobile released, there was controller support. Meaning players could hook up their PS4 controller via blue tooth and start playing. However, it was then taken away in an update and was given no reason as to why. Since then, fans of Call Of Duty: Mobile have been asking for controller support to come back.

Well it seems today Activision have given an update as to what is happening with controller support and if it will come back at all.

Activision took to Reddit to give the community an update as to what was going on with Call Of Duty: Mobile and the upcoming events, one of these updates was about controller support with Activision stating:

Call Of Duty: Mobile controller support

We hear you loud and clear that you want to know about controller support. We are currently testing controller support and looking at the possibility of offering this feature sometime in the future, but we’d have to make sure it is properly implemented and balanced. Just hang tight.

Which is great news for those who want controller support to come back as we now know they are looking into it.

What do you think of controller support in Call Of Duty: Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

You can check out the full Reddit post here. 

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