A New Overwatch Hero May Have Leaked

Overwatch via Blizzard
via: Blizzard

A new Overwatch hero seems to have leaked way in advance of an official announcement from Blizzard themselves. In a recent tweet from the Overwatch Mexico team, a screen capture shows ‘Jumpywizard’s’ account overview. At the top of the hero comparison of time played an unfamiliar face appears.

Team Mexico Overwatch

via Twitter

These images were shared with team Mexico according to cogconnect, and in turn, it seems team Mexico has shared the identity of the newest hero with the world. Following the announcement of role queue from Jeff Kaplan, it appears that this ‘temp art’ was meant to show off the big new feature to professional teams, and in the process also revealed Sigma.

All we have at the moment is a tiny thumbnail of Sigma’s face, so what class of hero they may be, and all of their moves are yet to be revealed. We can probably say that, due to the Greek letter name, Sigma could well be the first Greek Overwatch hero.

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