A New Apex Legend Hero and Weapon Leaked at GameStop Conference

The datamine leaks were true!

According to pictures taken by reddit user Teves3D during a “for our eyes only” EA presentation we have an inside look at the new Legend Crypto, a new weapon called the Charge Rifle ( originally from Titanfall ), and also a brand new Gibraltar skin.

Feast your eyes,

Now as far as what Crypto’s abilities will be, he will be equipped with a tactical drone that will capable of scouting ahead of the squad and sending back a video feed that is accessible for all teammates. On top of this he can hack doors and equipment, and even retrieve dead teammates’ banners. His ultimate will emit an EMP blast slowing down enemies, dealing shield damage and even disabling near by traps.

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Confirmed already by Respawn was that each new season will start with the arrival of a new legend, weapon, and a map update. We do not yet know when this season 3 will be made available but we expect it won’t be too far out of reach.

What do you hope to see from this new character? Make sure to let us know in the comments below

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