A Compilation Of All Possible Halo Infinite Leaks

The Master Chief new armour from Halo Infinite
A Compilation Of All Possible Halo Infinite Leaks

Recently, in a valiant attempt to save game reporters like us the trouble, user Thowasuesng compiled a list of big Halo Infinite leaks on Reddit. In the mega-thread here is all of the information, but here is a summary. As always don’t take all of this with a grain of salt.


In the opening paragraph, we were told a few general pieces of information: It has a Fall 2020 release window, which we all already knew.

It has a standard file size of 60GB and potentially 120GB uncompressed, but how quickly will this load on the Xbox Series X new custom SSD?

There will be three separate campaigns, tied together as well as two separate multiplayer modes.

Modular installation for all features, very much how the latest update to the Master Chief Collection does it all. You can install what you want. Sadly, there is no talk of theatre mode as of yet.


There are 32 missions in total with ties to Halo Wars 2 and recent novels. The campaigns are supposedly split up as the Master Chief, Locke (from Halo 5), and a new spartan Jerome-092. All three are in some form related to each other but don’t have a traditional narrative structure. It has been implied that the Master Chief’s story is not the end and is continued by the others. One mission was made available to developers who said it was similar to  “The Silent Cartographer.”

A Compilation Of All Possible Halo Infinite Leaks

A Compilation Of All Possible Halo Infinite Leak


The multiplayer will feature both a classic multiplayer mode and a New Movement + Forge Mode. There is a warzone style mode with set classes such as a medic and assassin. Sprint and thrusters are staying but have been fine-tuned to fit Infinite. Aiming Down Site is back but adjusted to more traditionally fit the classic Halo zoom.

While hit markers were present in test builds, they have either been reworked or removed entirely. The last piece of information is that certain maps were said to have wall-running, but the extent of this mechanic is unknown.


The armour customization for Infinite has been compared to Halo: Reach with different armours set across different Halo eras. It’s unsure if Reach’s credit system is returning.

While certain items can only be unlocked through conventional methods, and microtransaction variants can be bought. An idea was proposed to limit the amount that can be bought via microtransaction, but nothing is concrete yet.


The current Slipspace engine is a heavily reworked version of the Blam! engine and was not used for the E3 2018 trailer. The trailer in question was rendered with OctaneRender. E3 2019’s trailer, on the other hand, was in-engine and showed the opening cutscene. Skybox Labs are working on AI pathfinding whilst The Coalition is working in tandem with 343 for high definition audio.

As of right now, this is all that was compiled, but nothing feels too crazy to be realistic. Three campaigns with non-linear narratives would be an exciting step for the franchise, but we’ll have to wait and see where it goes later on this year.

However, fans didn’t like the action being taken away from the Master Chief, with the addition of Spartan Locke. So why have two campaigns taken even further light away from the Chief? Only time will tell.

What do you think of these leaks? Are you excited for Halo? What would you like to see them do? Let us know in the comments section below or via the DGR Facebook page! Also, do be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!

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