200 Player mode for Call Of Duty: Warzone

200 Player warzone
You can play with up to 200 hundred players

Its time to get your C.O.D. on people!!!

As of the 30th June, 2020 (TODAY!!!) Cod will be adding a new 200 player battle Royale. But hold your horses as its only a limited-time event. At this point, no mention has been made on just how limited, and hopefully, it will be based on popularity. The way it will play is simple. 50 teams of 4 will parachute in and battle it out to see who becomes the Lord of War (Just pray that you don’t become Nicolas Cage for real).

For those of you that have played or do play Apex Legends this will be a familiar format to you and generally provided you work with your other 3 squadmates, you should rinse the battlefield. As with other versions of the battle royale format, the circle in which you fight will gradually reduce forcing you into the middle for a final fight to the death.

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But don’t worry these are not the type from State of Decay. Instead, you will have a supply run contract (A new mode with the update). In this case, a care package will drop within the map and the lucky player who grabs it will be rewarded with a tasty mini-gun just like the T-800 in T2. Hasta La Vista people! If the Juggs is killed, a new care package drops giving you a chance to re-enact your favorite Expendables moments.

Some new weapons are also being added. A 50. caliber sniper rifle and a spotter scope, giving you a chance to spot sneaky gits without giving away your own pos! If however, you are totally new to warzone, then for an extra fiver you can get the ‘warzone starter pack’. This gives you a legendary shotgun blueprint, an Epic Krueger Alchemist skin, a Breathing Easy calling card, Vulture Culture emblem, tokens for an hour of double Battle Pass XP, Double Weapon XP, and 500 COD Points!!! Plenty ‘o’ tools for killing!

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The actual update itself will be free to play (as is the whole of warzone) and is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s also cross-platform.

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