13 More Indie Games Announced For Xbox One and PC!


Microsoft has announced that 13 more indie games bringing the total new titles to 30 for the GDC crowd!

Recently, 13 new indie games have been announced as coming over to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year. Essentially, this means that the [email protected] team will be taking a total of 30 new titles to show to the whole GDC crowd!

GameSpot reported that the ‘Microsoft Booth’ at the GDC will be open from March 18-22 2019. In the booth Microsoft will showcase all 30 games, including 13 newly announced titles from different indie game developers.

Announced Indie Games

  • “Beholder 2” puts players in the shoes of a newly employed officer of a totalitarian State, trying to make his way to become the Prime Minister someday.
  • “Boomerang Fu” is a physics-based game where players take the role of different food trying to slice each other using boomerangs.
  • “CrossCode” is a 2D action RPG that combines 16-bit graphics with modern-day physics, combat systems, and game mechanics.
  • “Dead Static Drive” sends players driving to survive hostile elements in a fictional U.S.A. world.
  • “Door Kickers: Action Squad” is an old-school sidescroller that combines strategy and tactics-based gameplay with SWAT-style action. Has single and multiplayer co-op modes.
  • “HyperDot” is a minimalist action game that requires players to dodge everything quickly in order to survive.
  • “Mowin’ & Throwin'” puts players in the role of lawn gnomes bent on destroying the neighbor’s yard.
  • “StarCrossed” is an action arcade game where players join a cast of five characters in a quest to defeat an evil threat to the galaxy.
  • “Stela” is an atmospheric platformer that puts players in the shoes of a young woman who witnesses the end of an ancient world.
  • “The Forgotten City” challenges players to break an endless cycle of death by exploiting a time loop. A re-imagining of a famous mod for the Xbox One and PC.
  • “Totem Teller” puts players on a search for stories, lost folklore and broken places, all in a quest for inspiration.
  • “UnderMine” is a rogue-like game that puts players in the shoes of a peasant doing his best to rescue his friends from traps and monsters, along the way to make it out of a mine alive.
  • “Unrailed!” is a multiplayer coop game where players must work together to keep their train running in an endless world filled with living inhabitants.
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Of course, every single one of these titles, along with the other 17 are listed at the Xbox Blog… All 30 of the games will be released for the Xbox One. However, only a few will be released for the PC.

Either way, whatever Microsoft has in store for GDC, Halo Infinite appears to be the centerpiece. I do hope this time round that Halo is done right… It is said that the developers are going ‘back to the roots of Halo’ but, this was said about Halo 5 and that was appalling.

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Let us know what you think about Halo Infinite, has Halo had its day or will/can it ever make a come back? Do be sure to share this information on social media… Are there any games from the list that strike your interest?

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