Life is Strange 2: Episode 4 “Faith” is Out Now!

The Diaz brothers have been through a lot so far. Running away from the police and attempting to find a safe place, the boys continue their journey in the new episode “Faith”.

Spoiler Alert!

If you have been playing each episode as it has been released, then you will know that a lot has happened. As a quick recap, brothers Sean and Daniel have left Seattle and are trying to get to Puerto Lobos in Mexico. After seeing their Father killed by the police, they think it only logical to head to his hometown. Daniel aged 9, has discovered he has telekinetic powers, and is continually learning to control them. Sean aged 16, is in turn trying to control his brother, who is becoming increasingly belligerent.

In the previous episode “Wastelands” we saw the boys earning their keep on a weed farm. Due to the inappropriate nature of the environment, Daniel became even more difficult and well… now things are pretty bad! After catching up with the hitchhikers Cassidy and Finn from episode 2, we find them all at the commune together. Seemingly quite ideal in the first place, it turns sour as Finn encourages the boys to break into their bosses safe to steal from him. Dependent on who you sided with, your outcome is subject to change. If you sided with Cassidy and refused to go, Finn & Cassidy are now most likely hurt and worse for wear – yet alive. On the other hand, if you sided with Finn then unfortunately he is most likely dead. Both situations are pretty bad, but the latter is definitely the worst!

Gotta Have Faith

In the new episode “Faith” released August 22nd, things are not looking up. Sean has been hospitalised and discovered by the police. Not to mention Daniel has disappeared and is M.I.A, having been gone for 2 months. Now it is time to track down Daniel, with what looks to be the help of the authorities. Sean must decide what the best course of action is after receiving the ultimatum to either co-operate, or go to prison! From the trailer it looks like this might be the most heart-wrenching episode to date. With billboards foreshadowing some divine intervention, or possibly a connection with a higher power it’s no doubt going to be deep. The guys form the commune are also nowhere to be seen, and Sean is all alone. Not the most favourable of circumstances, that’s for sure!

Check out the trailer below if you want to break your heart before you even start playing. Also let us know in the comments below, are you enjoying Life is Strange 2, or are you waiting until all the episodes are out to play them? How does it compare to the first Life is Strange game? We’d love to know!

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