Diablo 4 Was Shown To Some Blizzard Employees

There has been a Diablo 4 sighting! The popular French site Le Monde is reporting that some Blizzard employees based in France have seen Diablo 4.

MMORPG.com reports that the Le Monde article talks about recent layoffs in the European offices of Blizzard. However, it is mentioned that some employees have seen Diablo 4.

From a business standpoint, this seems like a risky move by Blizzard. Employees who have been, or even just believe that they might be laid off, may be emboldened to leak sensitive information. Granted in all probability they all signed legally binding non-disclosure agreements, but the past has shown that leaks can still occur.

There has been an air of mystery surrounding Diablo 4. Nearly three weeks ago, Kotaku reported that a first person shooter set in the StarCraft universe was canceled in order to put more people and resources into the Overwatch and Diablo stables. At that time, no layoffs were reported as a result of the internal movement.

The current thinking is that Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 are going to be featured at this year’s BlizzCon. However, we have been burned by Diablo/BlizzCon speculation before.

BlizzCon is scheduled to begin on November 1st of this year. Until then, we will all keep our eyes open and our internet browsers refreshed!

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