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Here at Daily Gaming Report, we want to allow people to write about all things gaming related, the topics we cover are Gaming news, which can range from PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo.

Or if you like you can do Feature articles, so for example, you can do a top 10 list of games coming out this year.

Rules For Guest Posting

  • No Spammy Links, only links that add value.
  • Feature Articles should be more than 600 words
  • News articles should be more than 200-300 words.
  • No political views
  • Check Your Grammar and Spelling, any article that has too many mistakes will not be published.
  • Make sure to credit where you got your information from.
  • Leaks must be from a credible source.
  • Articles published on Daily Gaming Report, must not be published anywhere else.
  • Articles must be 100% yours, copying will not be tolerated.

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