Super Smash Bros Ultimate Review

Finally, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is here to consume your time just like the last entry did on the Wii U and the 3DS. Honestly, after the months of hype from Nintendo it’s actually worth it. Not to mention, key elements of this title actually reinvented the series.

Super Smash Bros RPG

Interestingly, the biggest surprise of this game is the Spirits mode. Yet, who knew that you could incorporate RPG elements to a unique fighting game like this? Of course, with the Spirits mechanic and the World of Light campaign it mixes elements of Pokemon to the game. Honestly, this saved the game from becoming stale.

Cold Hard Truth

As we know, the Esports scene is strong and isn’t going anywhere for the game. Regardless, what if there wasn’t a scene and we simply had the games? Frankly, the last entry on the Wii U may have had an impressive roster but lack impressive modes and features. Nevertheless, the Spirits element and reinventing the fighting styles the series into a true battle of all-stars is what saved it.

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The Roster

Additionally, the cast of fighters is amazing and overwhelming. In fact, each one is true to themselves as characters as they are. However, Nintendo is going to make you earn them. Of course, we knew going into this that we’ needed to get almost everybody but now we know why. Truly, it’s a hard fought victory to have the Ultimate roster by saving them one by one. Not to mention, with the surprise of new DLC characters like Joker from Persona 5 this game shall stay with us for a while.

Online Mode

Surprisingly, Nintendo built a solid base for players to play fairly with each other. In addition, there is a set of rules to follow so no one feels ripped off or harassed during gameplay. Not to mention, the social connection is growing with the use of apps and the Switch Online. Finally, you’ll be able to make long lasting friends in no time with the game.

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Of course, the combat has been tweaked for modern times as well. Yet, is attacks feel fair and harder to defeat your opponent. Thus, this leads to you thinking strategic in how to overcomes enemies. Not to mention, new setups like showing the blast zones and crushing Sudden Deaths flames make this all the more nerve-wracking.

Final Thoughts

All and all, this is the total package for any Super Smash Bros fan. Literally, any type of game you like is here. Not to mention, give it a year from now and you’ll see a strong community. Of course, with new elements built upon an already solid foundation.

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