Iron man the next level of VR gaming!

Iron Man VR
Iron Man VR pushes PSVR to the limit.

Get your suit on and fly for your life!!!

So I finally got my copy of Iron Man VR yesterday afternoon. And after several hours of pacing around the house, I was itching to get into the suit. I had been reading some reviews and tried to ignore what the complaints seemed to be. However, once I donned the headset and took control of the Move Controllers all was forgotten. As soon as pulled on the triggers and angled my hands to the floor for takeoff I was in my element. This was going to be epic.

Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR

There have been some pretty harsh reviews on the internet and I mostly skimmed them and kept saying to myself that it would all be fine. And honestly, for me, it was better than fine. And as soon as I started and pulled the triggers on the controllers to head into the sky I was in my element. The way that Camoflaj has made use of the motion control system is stunning. You hold your hands behind you and pull on the triggers to activate the thrust. You also use your head to look in the direction you want to go and angle your wrists accordingly. If you hold your arm up at 90 degrees you can strafe either left or right. And let’s not forget that the whole thing has a 360-degree view of course.

At first, I was concerned that I was going to wrap up in the cable, as often you need to turn and look behind you. But once I was in my flow I could easily step over the cable without really thinking about it, and the H.U.D. does a pretty good job of pointing you back in the direction you need to be facing.

Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR

I haven’t yet experienced any issues of tripping over my own feet (although there is still time)! I am only a few levels in, but already I have unlocked some extra missiles on my wrists and a ground punch option. To use the missiles you flick your palms down and use the auto-tracking system to lock onto a few targets at once, you then press the middle move controller button and off they go.

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All this while simultaneously hovering and strafing. It gave me new respect as to how difficult Tony Stark’s job really is. To use the ground pound option, you need to charge it for a couple of seconds using the X button and then aim where you want to ‘pound’. The result is an earth-shattering smash that destroys everything within close proximity.

For anyone that is a Marvel fan, there is also plenty of fun moments too, as you wander about Tony’s Malibu house. You can go into his garage and see his suit, also the place where you will make some fun upgrades. There is the gym and here you can shoot some baskets ball hoops (with your hands, not your lasers).

There is a punching bag for some boxing practice or you can use the pull bar for some pull-ups. All of these things are narrated by the quirky Tony Voice over (The guy is fun, but I wish it was Downey Jr). The story itself (although I’ve only just started) is shaping up to be fun with a few characters to interact with. I think I will be playing this a lot over the weekend.

Iron Man VR

Iron Man VR

There are some reviews out there complaining about load times. Yes, there are some, mostly around 30 seconds, maybe more but to be honest I don’t really see the issues with this. A VR game with this much complexity has to have at least some way to prepare the levels. Plus it gives you time to catch your breath ready for the next fight.

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Also, I don’t understand all the complaints saying you can’t play this sitting on your sofa!! Its VR, it’s designed to be an active game and make you move about. The game load screen itself does say that you can play sitting down, but personally I think this will kill the experience totally.

All in all, this a game that pushes the PSVR to its limits. It’s a fun game that will make you want to smash the challenges. Yes, the game is hard to control (at first), but I think it would be hard to use the Iron Man suit for real too. And yes the challenge times set by Camoflaj are tough, but that just makes me want to smash them more.

And really master my suit. If you are looking for a challenging, immersive VR experience then you should add this game to your list. It also surprisingly causes (me at least) no motion sickness. But if you the type of gamer than would prefer games from your sofa, then you should probably avoid it as you will need to be active if you want to survive.

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