PlayStation First Party Games – 10 Interesting facts you may not have known


For many people Sony PlayStation played a big part in there life. With enormous sale and a massive fan following Sony have brough PlayStation users some great exclusives throughout the years. Now, let’s have a look at some Sony exclusive facts that you may not have known!

  1. Originally Kratos in God of War was to be accompanied by a fairy, much like Link in many of the Zelda titles.
  2. The names of the monkeys from Ape Escape were inspired by the cartoon South Park.
  3. The first console videogame to let the player ‘have a shave’ was Jak 2.
  4. One of Gran Turismo 2’s discs featured a scratch and sniff panel that smelt of burning rubber.
  5. Spyro the dragon was originally called Pete and was the colour green.
  6. The original origin story for Kratos was that of a slave… Not a god.
  7. During Creation, Crash Bandicoot was actually going to be a wombat.
  8. In production the Crash Bandicoot game was given the nickname ‘The Sonic’s Ass Game’.
  9. Sully’s seaplane in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is called ‘Hog Wild’. It is named after the Crash Bandicoot level sharing the same name.
  10. Ape Escape was the first PlayStation game to make use of the twin-stick DualShock Controller.

Hogs Wild

Bonus Fact! The Last of Us actually started out life as a Jak & Daxter reboot!

Let us know some of your interesting and random facts in the comments section below!… Was there anything in that list that you didn’t know? Or maybe you know something that we don’t?

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Source: PlayStation Official Magazine 162 (UK)

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