Silent Hill – 5 Interesting facts you may not have known

Silent Hill, directed by Keiichiro Toyama is arguably one of the scariest PlayStation 1 games to have existed. Multiple games and movies have stemmed from the franchise and it still has a big following to this day… 20 whole years since the games release. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts you may not have known about Silent Hill…

  1. Silent Hill’s ‘Midwich Elementary’ was inspired by the movie ‘Kindergarten Cop’.
  2. The original reason for the fog in Silent Hill was to hide loading the level geometry.
  3. Silent Hill’s song ‘Wintery Mist’ is identical to Spyro 2’s ‘Winter Tundra’
  4. Facing the final boss in Silent Hill (PS1) while holding no ammo would make the boss die on it’s own.
  5. All the street names in Silent Hill are named after famous horror, sci-fi and crime authors.


Let us know some of your interesting and random facts in the comments section below!… Was there anything in that list that you didn’t know? Or maybe you know something that we don’t?

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Source: PlayStation Official Magazine 162 (UK)

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