Amazing Video Game Artwork – Meet The Artist: Rachid Lotf


Some beautiful artwork has recently hit the internet. It isn’t an understatement to say we absolutely love Rachid’s work!

Recently, I had the pleasure of entering a time machine and looking back into the past. This of course was done through a few pieces of art. I have been speaking to the artist behind the artwork (that you may have already seen) labeled ‘Brothers in Arms, 90’s Gamer Room’. After viewing a number of his other works of art and sharing them with the team at Daily Gaming Report we feel the need to just appreciate the work that has been put into each piece.

Brothers in Arms, 90’s Gamer Room

The man behind the mask goes by the name of Rachid Lotf and his artwork doesn’t stop with just this one piece. In fact, with over 20 years experience in IEAM design and a passion for drawing manga / graffiti etc. it is no wonder Rachid’s art is so… Awesome. Just check out some of his other gaming related pieces below!

If you’d like to see some more of Rachid’s work or would like to send him some love check out his ArtStation page here. Or, if you’d prefer check out his social media pages listed below:

Instagram – Click Here

Facebook – Click Here

Twitter – Click Here

Let us know what you think of Rachid’s work in the comments section below and do be sure to share his work with your friends. If you think you have some juicy artwork of your own let us know… We’d love to see it.


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