Everything We Know About Just Cause 4

Everything We Know About Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 is just around the corner, and we’re pretty excited to play this all-out destruction sandbox game. Back at E3 2018 Microsoft revealed Just Cause 4, the latest instalment in the franchise and Rico Rodriguez’s return to his destruction laden lifestyle. With the December 4th release date quickly approaching, we at the Daily Gaming Report bring you everything we know about Rico’s newest adventure.


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In Just Cause 4 we find Rico in Solís, a massive world set in South America. Solís is full of conflict, extreme weather and oppression, the perfect mix of things for Rico to dive into and wreak some havoc. You’ll have a full 1024 square kilometres of open world adventure to play with, from rainforests to deserts and even snowy mountain peaks. On top of this wide range of natural landscapes to explore you’ll also have plenty of cities and rural grassland where you can utilise Rico’s true destructive power.

The Story

Rico Rodriguez, now a rogue agent, ventures to Solís to discover what really happened to his late father. Hell bent on getting answers to the questions that continue to arise surrounding his death, Rico goes on a rampage through Solís. With the help of some friends, he will rage through Solís leaving no vehicle unturned. To do this Rico must face off against the Black Hand, a high-tech private military organisation, and defeat his most dangerous adversary yet, Gabriela Morales.

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In a video ‘all about narrative’ posted to the official Just Cause YouTube channel, developers of the game discussed how they’ve managed to divide the story into segments across the massive open world as you rip through it at a speed only Rico could. This means, because of the open world and non-linear narrative, you won’t be constrained whilst body-suiting through Solís. Even travelling at speed you’ll manage to glimpse populated areas which will naturally draw you into the story whilst you free-roam the map. As you traverse the world of Solís the enemy will be less obvious as in previous Just Cause games, and you will have to uncover the layers of corruption in order to weed out your enemy.

The Enemy

Gabriela Morales, the feared leader of the Black Hand, will be Rico’s toughest enemy yet. Having grown up in Solís, Gabriela Morales decided she was tired of living in fear and worked her way up the ranks of the Black Hand. Now a formidable adversary dead set on eliminating Rico, her biggest threat, Rico must utilise an army to help him defeat her and the Black Hand once and for all.

The Gear

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Rico’s iconic grapple with boosters, air-lifters and tethers allows you to fully customise your gear load-out and personalise your play-style. With lots of parameters to tweak for each of these skills, the load-out list is endless. There are more vehicles than ever before in a Just Cause game, including all new micro-jets and massive construction vehicles. There will let you perform insane stunts and wreak havoc in Solís. With all new vehicles, millions of load-out customisations and endless opportunities you can almost literally do what you want, whenever you want in Just Cause 4.

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Force Of Nature

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One of the main selling points of Just Cause 4 are the insane weather systems the game will bring to the world of Solís. From tornadoes to sandstorms and even torrential rain, Rico isn’t the only force of nature in this game. In the video below the developers discuss how they worked extremely hard looking into real life extreme weather and the aerodynamics of objects in order to code and recreate this weather in the game engine. The detail goes even further still, with tornadoes decimating everything in their path using accurate physics and lightening striking the highest points/objects, which can be used to Rico’s advantage. Weather systems form naturally, allowing players to see a tornado and decide whether to approach it. Therefore, with all new weather systems there is a totally new way to approach gameplay in Just Cause 4.

Apex Engine

In order for all these new weather systems and all this destruction to take place, the Just Cause 3 engine just wouldn’t cut it. So, the new Apex engine is the powerhouse behind Just Cause 4. In the trailer below showing off this engine, it boasts unrivalled draw distance, improved HDR, interactive weather, physics-based aerodynamics and high-fidelity destruction.

Even More Content

Rico’s story doesn’t end once you’ve finished the base game. The expansion pass brings three extra batches of content. The trailer below shows off Los Demonios, a doomsday-looking story brought to Solís. The other two DLC packages are Dare Devils, a potential racing DLC pack, and Agency Strikes Back. As a result, Rico’s story doesn’t end just yet.

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