Anthem Grandmaster how to prepare and why it is worth it.

Anthem is a BioWare game that is focused on game play rather than story which is a new avenue for BioWare to take and as such Anthem has been review bombed by people expecting mass effect story on a game that was advertised from the start as a looter shooter. To be honest I really liked the story missions as there was a main story that leads on to more to be released in the future. The idea that the main story was one adventure out of many and was used primarily build your characters reputation and introduce you to the supporting characters.

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After you have hit level 30 and beaten the main story you have access to Grandmaster 1 difficulty which is no mean feat. All enemies have their health and damage increased by 165% and the chance for masterworks to drop is increased by 164%. Masterworks come in a massive boost to the gear score and because of that they have very high stats and a unique perk. Some of these perks can add up and stack which can make some impressive builds.

For each of the Grandmaster difficulty there is a different recommended level of javelin. For grandmaster 1, 2, and 3 you are recommended to have a level of Epic, Masterwork, and Legendary respectively.

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The drop rates for masterwork items increase the greater the difficulty but you always get one guaranteed.

If you break down the difficulty and drop rate of each difficulty is as follows:

  • Grandmaster 1 – Unlocked by reaching Pilot level 30 in Anthem. Recommended power level of 300.
  • Grandmaster 2 – Unlocked by reaching level 30. Recommended power level of 340+.
  • Grandmaster 3 – Unlocked by reaching the max level cap. Recommended power level of 340+.

What do you think about the endgame of BioWares new adventure? Let us know in the comments below.

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