Amazing Video Game / Manga Art – Meet The Artist: Reddo

Reddo Manga Artwork (Pic: Reddo)
Reddo Manga Artwork (Pic: Reddo)

The Artist

Today’s artist goes by the name of Reddo. He is a self taught artist currently pursuing the dream of manga and video game creation. Reddo is a regular on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter and also attends various conventions meeting new art enthusiasts and fans alike. So, if you need some tips, some tutorials, a small push to start? Or, maybe you’re just a fan of passion, hard work and humanity? (Yes, humanity!) Reddo is the person to follow!

So, Without further ado let’s take a look at some of Reddo’s work! The first is an original piece from Reddo’s own Manga (shown above). The character, funnily enough also goes by the name of Reddo. This drawing in particular i’d personally call professional quality, I could easily see a Manga / Anime being made with the character / style of drawing and would love to see Reddo’s work take off!

Gaming Artwork

As we mentioned previously, Reddo is an avid gamer. Some of his work of course reflects that, check out this rendition on Kayn from League of Legends.

Kayn - League of Legends (Pic: Reddo)

Kayn – League of Legends (Pic: Reddo)

We also have a great piece of Sora, the protagonist from Kingdom Hearts. (An amazing game if you have never played it!)

Sora - Kingdom Hearts (Pic: Reddo)

Sora – Kingdom Hearts (Pic: Reddo)

In the category of gaming we have our last piece… A great picture of Joker from the popular JRPG, Persona 5.

Persona 5 - Joker (Pic: Reddo)

Persona 5 – Joker (Pic: Reddo)

Anime / Manga Art

When Reddo isn’t gaming or creating his own Manga he is drawing other characters from various Manga / Anime cartoons. Check out some of these pieces below.

Frieza - DBZ Dragon Ball Z (Pic: Reddo)

Frieza – DBZ Dragon Ball Z (Pic: Reddo)

My Hero Academia (Pic: Reddo)

My Hero Academia (Pic: Reddo)

Naruto (Pic: Reddo)

Naruto (Pic: Reddo)

More Reddo

Before I bid you farewell, here’s some more of Reddo’s original work. And, if you do wish to see more do be sure to check him out on Twitch, YouTube, Instagram and/or Twitter!

Reddo Manga Tiles (Pic: Reddo)

Reddo Manga Tiles (Pic: Reddo)

Reddo Origins (Pic: Reddo)

Reddo Origins (Pic: Reddo)

Reddo_Kun (Pic: Reddo)

Reddo_Kun (Pic: Reddo)

What do you guys think of Reddo’s work? Let us know in the comments section below or via the DGR Facebook page! Also, do be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel here!


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