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Catherine Full Body will not be on PS Vita in the west

Atlus has updated their site on Catherine Full Body on details of its PS Vita release. While the game will arrive on PS4 and the Vita in Japan on Valentine’s Day next month, Western audiences will only receive the PS4 port. Obviously, anyone in the States doesn’t have to think twice as to why that’s the case. While the P...[Read More]

Catherine Classic arrives on Steam today

Today Catherine Classic arrives on Steam as a remaster of sorts. The popular puzzle soap opera gets a touch up with 4K visuals and an option to the Japanese soundtrack which the 2011 western release never saw. Additionally, this version also contains an unlockable framerate and custom options for keyboards and controllers. So going throug...[Read More]

Joker will be DLC for Catherine: Full Body

Interestingly, Super Smash Bros Ultimate isn’t the only game Joker will be in next year. In fact, Joker will be a DLC playable character in Catherine: Full Body. Of course, Catherine is a game by Atlus where a man struggles over two women of the same name.  In addition, the remastered game is set to come out sometime next year ...[Read More]

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