Hidden Gem Battle Royale Games of 2018

2017 is was the year for Battle Royale games, PUBG and Fortnight dominated the market. Ever since PUBG got in early access and was available to the fans and got huge success we have seen games like Fortnight and even other developers trying to cash in on this new trend. I am here to bring you a list of  Five Battle Royale games you might not have heard of that are set to release in 2018 or ca...[Read More]

Valve Bans PUBG Skin Trading Website

Valve Bans PUBG Skin Trading Website Earlier in the year Player Unknown Battlegrounds went through quite a controversy, When players were abusing Item trading they suspended player item trading. But it seems like today Valve has taken it a step further as they have applied bans to all of Opskins trade bots. As a result of this Ban, millions of dollars of vanity items have been lost and it has caus...[Read More]

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Review

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit – Review Dontnod Entertainment’s newest game set in the Life is Strange universe is a celebration of childhood innocence and imagination. Entering the world of Chris Eriksen, the child protagonist of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit harkens back to days of yonder years past. Erik in much the same fashion as most children spends his days playin...[Read More]

Hammond The Hamster Who Goes By “Wrecking Ball,” Comes To Overwatch

Overwatch have added their 28th hero to the game, Fans of the game have been hard at work speculating what hero would be added, fans speculated that it would be Hammond, a monkey companion to the genetically-engineered gorilla Winston. Instead, we got Hammond the hamster, who goes by “Wrecking Ball,” onto the game’s public test realm. so fans were kind of correct. Hammonds abilities are that he ca...[Read More]

Solving The “Follow The Treasure Map Found In Haunted Hills” Challenge

Solving The “Follow The Treasure Map Found In Haunted Hills” Challenge “Follow The Treasure Map Found In Haunted Hills” Challenge is one of Fortnites week 9 challenge, to complete the challenge simply head to the area that is circled on the map below at Junk Junction (north-western corner of the map) When you arrive you should see the star and then simply interact with it and you will be rewarded ...[Read More]

New Details Revealed About The Division 2 Customization System

The Division came out in 2016 and has a cult following since that release date. We learned That the sequel The Division 2 will be released In 2019 for PC, PS4, & Xbox One with a beta coming out soon. It appears Ubisoft is trying to improve this game to keep their core fanbase happy as another detail got revealed earlier. If you played the first game of the series you would know that gear sets ...[Read More]

Could Sony Be Working On Allowing Cross-Platform Play

Could Sony Be Working On Allowing Cross-Platform Play Fortnite come out for the Nintendo Switch and fans of the game were excited to get there hand on it, However, those who had linked there Epic Games account to a PS4 where not as excited when they tried to log in to their accounts on the Nintendo Switch and they were met with an error. After this fans of Fortnite took to Twitter and Reddit to sh...[Read More]

PUBG Corp Ditches Fortnite Lawsuit

PUBG Corp the developers behind PUBG was suing Epic Games the developers behind Fortnite, due to the fact that they believed Epic Games was copying PUBG with there game Fortnite. The lawsuit was filed in January, however, it didn’t come to light until last month at which when it did gamers took to Twitter and Reddit criticizing PUBG for suing Fortnite saying it was pointless a...[Read More]

Upcoming Cosmetic Items Datamined In Patch V4.5.0 Files

Dataminers have already been hard at work after the release of Fortnite patch V4.5.0 and it didn’t take them long to find new cosmetic items that we should expect over the coming weeks. Here are all the new Fortnite items we should expect including outfits, pickaxes, back bling, and gliders: Names and rarities added via fnbr.co Criterion (Legendary) and Oblivion (Legendary) Sleuth (Epic) and...[Read More]

Fortnite May Have Missile Launch July 1

Incoming! In lieu of the end of season 4 of Fortnite, a few players have uncovered a rather interesting preview of what’s next for the game. Curious players that could not wait for the start of season 5 have discovered that changing the date of their PC/console to July 1 will cause in-game televisions to display a launch alert message. The screens on the villain’s lair also shows the launch alert ...[Read More]

Fortnite Has Made $318 Million Across All Platforms In May

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world at the moment, with millions of people playing the game daily. Fortnite is a completely free to play game and it makes all its money from V-Bucks which is an in-game currency used to purchase cosmetic items. In April Fortnite made $296 Million but it seems it is constantly growing each month and breaking its own records. As according to SuperData w...[Read More]

PUBG Event Pass Controversy Escalates

PUBG Event Pass Controversy Escalates Beginning of the end Last week PUBG developers announced the creation of the Event Pass, a timed event that allows for players to earn exclusive, rare items in-game that is in the same vein as that of Fortnite’s Battle Pass. This comes in response to the massive popularity of Fortnite in recent months. Event Pass will cost $10; this in addition to the $30 pric...[Read More]

Leaked Fortnite Map Changes Coming With Patch V4.5.0

Fortnite Map Changes IGN’s Fortnite Map has recently been updated but for those of you with a keen eye, it features some differences which can’t be seen in the game as of yet. We expect these changes to come with the next Fortnite Update which is set to release tomorrow, June 26th. So let’s go over some of these changes. Dusty Divot As you can see from the image the change&n...[Read More]

Telltale Games Replacing It’s Old Engine With New One

Telltale Games is a company well known for The Walking Dead, which is a choice based adventure game. Since The Walking Dead, they have also brought out The Wolf Among Us, and Batman.  Now the one thing these games have in common is that they use the same engine from 2004 and you can really see how old this engine is, While Telltale has been updating the engine throughout the years, it hasn’t...[Read More]

Playground LTM Could Be Coming This Week

Playground LTM is a game mode which allows players to explore the map without the fear of dying, as it will limit games to just four players. Players will be able to gather resources and build in peace. The in-game message in Fortnite has now changed to confirm that the playground LTM is coming soon. We believe it will more than likely come with this week’s upcoming update. Follow ...[Read More]

Bethesda Suing Warner Bros Over Stolen Code From Fallout Shelter

Bethesda’s Fallout Shelter was their first mobile game, but it wasn’t developed by them it was actually developed by Studio Behaviour Interactive, which is the same studio which has now created the new Westworld mobile game. The Westworld Mobile Game is based on the HBO hit series Westworld. Now The Westworld Mobile Game is similar to that of Fallout Shelter in terms of its gameplay, i...[Read More]

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