Shang Tsung and Noob Saibot Konfirmed for Mortal Kombat 11

Earlier today, Ed Boon announced that the warlock Shang Tsung and the clone creating warrior Noob Saibot will be playable in Mortal Kombat 11. Ed Boon revealed that Shang Tsung will be in Mortal Kombat 11 as the games first downloadable character at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Shang Sung’s role in the game will be ‘the players guide’ through the games Krypt mode. Th...[Read More]

Chinese Government Placing Restriction on Fornite Players

Whether you love it or you hate it, Fornite is one of the biggest games currently available with players logging in countless hours. It appears that the Chinese government are certainly on the hate it side however as they have started to place restrictions on players who play for more than 3 hours to curb addiction. Over on Reddit, user “Ringsel1” revealed that a message telling player...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Box Art

Once known as Maverick, the Microsoft’s console now has box art floating around. Windows Central has received box art themselves and made a Photoshop mock-up to protect the origin. You can see the art below. You can see that it looks very similar to a normal Xbox One S with the exception of the disc tray. It looks very smooth on the front now without it though. You can also see that it appar...[Read More]

Fortnite Is Not Going Anywhere Quite Yet

Epic Games announced at GDC 2019, that 250 million people have registered to play this exciting fortress building battle royal shooter. That number is 50 million greater than previously recorded in December 2018. It was also revealed to us by Epic that the number of people actually playing the game at the same time has risen as well ( From 10.7 million to 10.8 million ). As Fortnite is arguably on...[Read More]

The Walking Dead Final Season Final Trailer

The final season trailer for The Walking Dead has been revealed from Skybound Games. The Final season is called Take Us Back, and it will be available in March 2019 for PC, Nintento Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Watch the trailer below

Fortnite’s Tactical Shotgun: Nerf Style.

Hasbro has added the tactical shotgun to their line-up. The tactical shotgun is a favorite of mine looks wise. The Nerf Fortnite line up already includes the silenced pistol, the Scar, the rocket launcher and even more. I always thought the tactical shotgun was a weapon that was synonymous with Fortnite and would have been added to the Nerf line-up earlier if not first. Hasbro has come to a deal w...[Read More]

Konami Announce Anniversary Collection Series

This year marks ‘Konami’s 50th Anniversary’, to celebrate, a three-game series for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC is being released! Recently, Konami has announced a new compilation pack series that puts together a great collection of “iconic arcade games and classic console titles” into one package. The bundle is called ‘The Konami Anniversary Collection series’ and is coming to PlaySt...[Read More]

Google Announces Stadia at GDC

At the Game Developers Conference, Google has announced its upcoming gaming platform called Stadia. And it sounds impressive. If Google is able to deliver half of what they have promised, then Stadia is positioned to truly change how games are played. So how does this work? Well, apparently, you will be able to play high quality games through a browser on almost any device. Stadia games will not r...[Read More]

Mortal Kombat 11 Closed Beta is Here

Come Wednesday, March 27 those of you who pre-ordered MK11 will have a chance to get your hands dirty with the new addition to the back-breaking, eye-gauging, brutal kombat we’ve all come to love. Shown above is the breakdown of when and where the closed beta will be available and for how long. As for what will be included in the Closed Beta, we do not know for sure, but it is confirmed that...[Read More]

Apex Legends Battle Pass Set To Debut

Apex Legends, the hottest game on the market currently, is set to debut their take on the battle pass, popularized by Fortnite. Season 1 of the battle pass will arrive Tuesday, March 19th at 10:00AM Pacific. The title to the inaugural Season is Wild Frontier, with it a new character is set to be introduced named Octane The pass will be set around $9.50, however an alternative option is being prese...[Read More]

A New Pistol Coming to Fortnite: The Flintlock

During the March 18th item shop reset, an in-game message showed that a brand new weapon, the Flintlock, was set to release soon, most likely following the new update. This new weapon was shown after the v8.10 patch and will have a high chance of being a single-shot high damage weapon. As of now, we know the Flintlock is expected to have the following stats: Damage: 86 Fire Rate: 0.33 Magazine Siz...[Read More]

A Brand New Sonic The Hedgehog Title is in Development

If your any sort of Sonic fan, the latest new clips of Sonic Racing were sure to get you pumped beyond belief. But recently it was confirmed by the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka, that an all-new entry into the game’s storyline is already in the works. For the most part, all we know is that the game is in production, other than that no other information has yet to be released. Are you a ...[Read More]

Turtle Rock Studios is Back 4 Blood

Cheesy titles aside, Back 4 Blood is the newest title being developed by the people who brought us Evolve and another zombie based shooter, that has a title i’m saving for a punchline. Back 4 blood is described as a co-op shooter against unrelenting hordes of the undead. Now you may ask yourself, what other game makes you defend yourself against the horrors of undeath and also has fun numeri...[Read More]

BattleField V Firestorm Reveal Trailer

Try to recall, if you will, the most memorable trailer/hype video you’ve ever seen for a video game, any genre does not matter. I’ll wait. Got it? Is it any good? It better be, because after watching the video below you might have to reconsider your decision. It’s that good! Believe me. If you’re anything like me or the majority of people, to say the least, you may have bou...[Read More]

Devil May Cry 5 Bloody Palace Mode Release Date Confirmed

Devil May Cry 5 has wowed players with its dazzling combat, graphics, and smokin’ sexy style since it released last week. Now, we finally have word on when the free Bloody Palace Mode will be added to the popular hack-and-slash game. Luckily, fans won’t have to wait long, as the new survival-style mode will launch on April 1, 2019—just in time for April Fools’ Day! In an email to DGR, Capcom’s PR ...[Read More]

13 More Indie Games Announced For Xbox One and PC!

Microsoft has announced that 13 more indie games bringing the total new titles to 30 for the GDC crowd! Recently, 13 new indie games have been announced as coming over to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this year. Essentially, this means that the ID@Xbox team will be taking a total of 30 new titles to show to the whole GDC crowd! GameSpot reported that the ‘Microsoft Booth’ at the ...[Read More]

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