The Outer Worlds Gameplay: 20 minutes of vaporizing and shrinking heads

If you tuned into the PAX East yesterday, you would of had the chance to see 20 minutes of the exciting new gameplay of The Outer Worlds. Right of the bat we were introduced to the trusty companions that the player will have,  Nyoka and Felix. Inside the city of Byzantium ( city of the elite ), Felix and Nyoka follow you as you make your way towards your first acting gig. Since the game is still b...[Read More]

Doom Eternal Running On Google Stadia

Everyone is probably still not over the draw dropping announcement made by Google. Earlier today Google announced Stadia, which is a streaming console. Stadia will allow everyone to play video games across any platform that allows a web browser. During the keynote Id Software made an appearance stating that they have been working hard to allow Doom Eternal to work on Stadia. Doom Eternal on Stadia...[Read More]

Elite Dangerous 2020 ‘the Next Era’ Expansion

2020 is going to be an exciting year for Elite Dangerous players, as Frontier Developments have announced the games third expansion. The announcement makes it clear that the developers are not ready to release any information about the expansion, but it has been in the works since mid-2018. We can expect the update to be the largest one since the official release of Elite Dangerous in 2014. The ex...[Read More]

Chance to win free Eshop coins in Tetris 99 Tournament

Nintendo is putting on what they are calling the Tetris 99 “Maximus” Tournament. The Tournament will run this weekend, March 8 at 5 am PST until March 10 at 11:59 pm PST. To win coins, you must be in the top 999 of the leaderboard in first place wins. The people placing in the top 999 on the leaderboard will be awarded 999 Eshop coins, which is about $10. The winners will be announced ...[Read More]

A New Assassin’s Creed Rumored to Occur in 2020

Codename “Legion”, the game is rumored to occur in Ancient Rome, set under the rule of Marcus Aurelius and the struggles of his son Commodus. As this may just be a rumor being that 4chan is the one supplying the information, having Ubisoft just released big games such as Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, Far Cry: New Dawn, and The Division 2 in a few weeks, it would be interesting to se...[Read More]

New Infantry Rifle weapon coming to Fortnite

“Classic design meets new combat style.” A description for the new Infantry Rifle that was announced by Epic games for Fortnite Battle Royal. Epic released the announcement on the in-game news feed for every player to see. The design of the new Infantry Rifle looks like its copying the real-life M1 Garand weapon which was the standard U.S. service rifle during World War II and the Korean War...[Read More]

Modern Combat: Blackout Releasing on Switch

Switch players can now expect to see Modern Combat: Blackout on the eShop “in the coming weeks”. As Gameloft announced its new home on the switch. Modern Combat: blackout is developed by Gameloft and its based on Modern Combat 5, a military first-person shooter. When released, the game will be set at $19.99. Here’s some new information for the game from a press release. CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE ...[Read More]

The State of The Game Industry 2019 – The Breakdown

While the American State of the Union continues to be delayed, the State of our union, the Game Industry, has been released. Thousands of developers provided data that informs trends we can expect to see in 2019, as well as other strange bits of information (e.g. as many developers are working on Xbox 360 games as games for Alexa and other voice assistants: 2%).  This article will outline not...[Read More]

Creative Director of Cyberpunk 2077 Now Working With Blizzard

Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red has apparently lost its creative director, Sebastian Stępień, to Blizzard. It was discovered by a user on a message board that his LinkedIn profile mentions that he has joined Blizzard on an unnamed project. Cyberpunk 2077 first got announced in 2012 at E3, and in 2018. Demos were shown to members of the game press that were granted a chance to see the game ...[Read More]

Tropico 6 Delayed to March

Kalypso Media’s, the publisher known for their Tropico franchise announced that Tropico 6 will be delayed until the 29th of March 2019. The city builder simulator was scheduled to be released in January 2019, but due to the feedback from the most recent beta, the publisher decided to continue working on it and improving the game for the final official release. Simon Hellwig, Kalypso’s owner wrote,...[Read More]

Stan Lee Makes Unexpected Cameo in World of Warcraft

A legendary game pays homage to a Legendary man as Blizzard adds a new NPC modeled after Stan Lee. Found in the 8.15 patch in the Public Test Realm, ‘Stanley,’ a tall man with white hair and Stan’s trademark mustache and aviators can be found wandering Stormwind. As seen in the video below, Stanley is decked out in the color and armor for the Alliance. Wowhead has dug into the code a bit more and ...[Read More]

HD Remaster of Doom Courtesy of Fans

HD Remaster of Doom Courtesy of Fans Doom Remake 4 is a remaster of the classic Doom that will have the nostalgic look and feel with 3D effects. Doom Remake 4 will be adding HD textures that will show the slightest detail of light. You will also be able to taunt all the enemy corpses after you have annihilated them. In the video you can notice that all the guns are available and all those familiar...[Read More]

Xbox One and PS4 Getting Hitman HD Enhanced Collection

Xbox One and PS4 Getting Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Having played Hitman and Hitman 2, all the fans are probably reminiscing the past with Hitman: Blood Money and Absolution. Everyone the wait it over as the past is coming back in the future. Hitman HD Collection will be enhanced and coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4 on January 11, 2019. Therefore, both of these will be remastered in 4k and ...[Read More]

Google Giving Away Assassin’s Creed Odyssey for Free

Google is offering a free copy of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to people who playtest their new streaming service, Project Stream. While it will only be available to players in the US, all it takes is playing the game for an hour, and the it’s all yours. If you manage to get into the playtest, you’ll have until January 15th to play the hour required. Upon doing that you’ll be g...[Read More]

Avengers Project teased again by Crystal Dynamics

Avengers Project is in the works The Avengers movies have been wildly successful for Disney and Marvel. The second part of Infinity War comes out next spring, so it makes sense that a company has attempted to create a video game to coincide with the movie. Crystal Dynamis should be a recognizable name for gamers. They’ve worked on the Tomb Raider games for the last decade. They’ve spea...[Read More]

World of Warcraft “Lost Honor” trailer revealed

World of Warcraft “Lost Honor” trailer revealed As of late, at this year’s BlizzCon a trailer titled “Lost Honor” was shown for World of Warcraft. Additionally, the trailer is for the expansion Battle for Azeroth. Accordingly, the cinematic trailer deals with King Anduin Wrynn struggling with what they fight for now. Surprisingly, he seeks the help of Saurfang to help...[Read More]

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