New Laser Tag Park acts as a Fortnite clone

Expect a lawsuit A company in the UK decided to open a Fortnite laser tag park in Leicestershire and the park borrows heavily from Epic’s popular Fortnite game. The park itself is called Battle Royale. According to the website of the park, it describes as follows: “This Summer Join us for the ultimate Outdoor Battle Royale. Set across 6 acres of Leicestershire finest Countryside, Laser...[Read More]

EA Considering Crossplay For Battlefield V

Gamers around the world have been wanting a cross-play feature between the major consoles for years. Even more so over the past year as we have seen Microsoft working with PC and Nintendo. For this to work out, hardware manufacturers need to be onboard as well. Microsoft, Valve, and Nintendo are all in support of cross-play, but Sony continues to hold out on us. over the course of a recent investo...[Read More]

Rocksteady Studios Overlook

Rocksteady Studios Overlook    Rocksteady Studios is a united kingdom based company that has been getting a lot of respect ever since they started the Batman Arkham series. With only 164 workers and have made  5 games since they were founded in 2004 by Sefton Hill, Jamie Walker  & James Simon Williams. Rocksteady used to be owned by Square Enix a long time ago but is more known to be owne...[Read More]

Destiny 2 Accidentally Turned Off Skill-Based Matchmaking

In the 1.2.3 update in Destiny 2, it appears that in some way Bungie accidentally turned off skill-based matchmaking. Bungie issues the followed statement “With the release of Update 1.2.3, we introduced 6v6 Quickplay with a bug that causes skill-matching and potentially connection-matching to fail in that playlist. This results in much faster – but lower-quality – matches than normal. Our plan fo...[Read More]

Vampyr Will Soon Be Updated With Two New Difficulty Modes

Dontnod’s gothic, action-RPG is currently in the process of having a new update coming soon later in the summer. No official date has been mentioned but the update is said to include optimization tweaks and two new difficulty modes for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.   Set in London, 1918, a doctor named Jonathan Reid has been turned into a bloodthirsty vampire. The player must now control Dr...[Read More]

Battlefield V Grand Operations Mode Available At Launch

Battlefield is set to release in a few months and the one question gamers have had is what will be available at launch. A few months ago it was reported that the Grand Operations mode would not be available at launch. “Grand Operations is the ultimate multiplayer experience, designed to seamlessly showcase the maps and modes of Battlefield V,” EA says. “Each Grand Operation prese...[Read More]

Guided Missile Is Making A Return To Fortnite

After the Guided Missile was released many fans had concerns as to how powerful it was. Due to this Epic removed it from the game while they made a change in terms of how the weapon works. Epic says they want to make it more of a scouting tool versus constant barrage of damage. Here are what the changes involve: Reduced movement skill Reduced turn radius Reduced damage 12 Ammo Cap Better movement ...[Read More]

Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM Returns

Fortnite in the news yet again, This has been quite a week for the game and it keeps on continuing with good news for the players. Are you ready for the ultimate game of Battle Royale? A mode about true survival skills is upon us, Solo Showdown will not be like other LTM as this does not change the core gameplay.  but,  you will be placed against other self-selected competitors. AWARDS: 1st Place:...[Read More]

Encased Questionnaire: Add Your Own Character

Ever wanted to have your own character in a video game? Ever wanted someone to look at the description of a character and wonder who came up with that character? Well, Dark Crystal Games has you covered with the first community-based event for the upcoming RPG Encased. For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of Encased its a post-apocalyptic game that features an open world and open choices. Based o...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky Developers Address Game-Breaking Bug

No Man’s Sky Developers Address Game-Breaking Bug No Man’s Sky is a game that is No Stranger to more than it’s fair share of controversy. Sadly, another huge issue has hit the game, this time regarding a save game bug. Even more damning, reloading an older save does not appear to help. The bug resets all the player’s save data; they load into their old save as if starting a...[Read More]

Nicktoon Kart Racing comes out for the holidays

Years in the making In the vein of Nicktoon Racing, Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing, and Nicktoons Nitro This holiday we shall see another entry into this forgotten kart racing franchise. Announced by GameMill Entertainment that Nicktoons Kart Racing will feature classic Nickelodeon characters from various shows like Spongebob Squarepants, Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and making their first appearance in the...[Read More]

Epic Games Is Now Worth 8 Billion

A year ago Fortnite came into the Free to play picture with its now famous battle royale mode. Fortnite in a year has given Epic Games 1.2 Billion since its launch in September of 2017. Fortnite might be free to play but with the Battle Pass and the cosmetics, no game has made more in game sales than Fortnite. After a recent analysis from Bloomberg has reported that Epic Games is now worth over 8....[Read More]

Assassin Creed Odyssey Pre Order And Special Edition Content /Prices

Assassin Creed Odyssey is the next installment in the long Assassin Creed franchise. Earlier today we were able to see all of the games special editions as well as the preorder bonus. Normal Version: Price: $59.99 USD Preorder Bonus: Additional missions: Light without light Deluxe Edition Price: $79.99 USD Preorder Bonuses: Additional missions: Light without light Kuronosupakku (epic armor × 5, ep...[Read More]

Brand New Heavy Sniper Rifle May Be Coming To Fortnite

With the release of Fortnite Patch V5.10 which included many changes and a new weapon, check out the article here. It appears we could be getting another new weapon this being a Heavy Sniper Rifle according to data miners Storm Shield One. The weapon itself has a placeholder image, description and statistics have been added to the game files. “Sniper Rifle: Heavy. Powerful and accurate rifle...[Read More]

Overwatch is getting a trigger happy hamster

That’s right The latest update for Blizzard’s Overwatch includes the hamster death ball, Wrecking Ball going off the PTR. This update also includes changes to the roster like Sombra, who can tap into her inner ninja with limitless stealth. Also, certain character’s weapon damage decreased and Hanzo’s arsenal gets stepped down a few notches. Ryan Denniston the lead animator ...[Read More]

Fallout 4 Miami Mod Details

Fallout 4 Miami Mod Details  The fallout 4 mod community has been known since the release of Fallout 4 to keep giving PC players a reason to keep going back to the game. Well just when you think they couldn’t add another breathtaking mod they do that very thing. Maimi is not a place you would think of when you think of the Fallout series. This trailer does a good job of making it look like a...[Read More]

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