WWE 2K19 Is Bringing Back WWE Showcase

WWE 2K19 Is Bringing Back WWE Showcase   The WWE showcase mode is something that has been absent for a couple of years. For the past couple of years, fans have wanted and asked and begged for this mode to return. In WWE 2K19 WWE showcase mode returns as we celebrate the return of Daniel Bryan after returning from a 3-year injury. Now you take control and play the career of Daniel Bryan as you...[Read More]

Dark Souls Finally Has a Release Date For Switch

Dark Souls Finally Has a Release Date For Switch Dark souls Remastered finally has a release date for the Nintendo Switch, Publisher Bandai Namco announced today that the game would be coming to the Switch on October 19th. Dark Souls remastered was originally supposed to come out alongside the other versions of Dark Souls: Remastered, but was unfortunately delayed due to issues, it was delayed int...[Read More]

Dishonored Series Taking A Break

Dishonored Series Taking A Break Dishonored is an amazing game, however for fans of the series we might have some bad news for you. In an interview with VG247, Arkane lead designer Ricardo Bare has this to say about the series and how it is going to be taking a break: “I can’t say definitively what might happen down the road, anything could happen, but [Dishonored] is resting for now,&...[Read More]

Ninja Responds To Criticism About Refusing To Stream With Women

Ninja Responds To Criticism About Refusing To Stream With Women Last Week Fortnite Streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins told Polygon why he doesn’t choose to stream with Women, However, after the article released Tyler got a lot of backlash for it by other Twitch personalities and on Social Media. You can read the full article here as to why Ninja choices not to stream with female gamers.  Tyler t...[Read More]

Black Desert Online to Get Shiny New Coat of Paint

During the 2018 Remastered Black Desert Online Showcase this past weekend, developers Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games revealed the next-gen look the game will be taking on later this month. The graphics overhaul represents a coming of age for this relatively obscure, but nonetheless beloved MMORPG. In addition to overall improvements in texture quality, the game is set to receive physics-based renderi...[Read More]

Call Of Duty Social Channels updated with a new image

Call Of Duty Social Channels updated with a new image Something is happening we are just unsure as to what but today, the official Call of Duty, Activision, Treyarch Twitter profiles have been updated with a new image which you can see below. Now we are unaware of what this could mean but with the Multiplayer Beta out the way. All that is left is Blackout. Blackout is Activision attempt at Battle ...[Read More]

Fortnite Twitch Prime Pack 3 Might Not Be Happening

Fortnite and Amazon have been teaming up lately to give us an exclusive Fortnite Twitch Prime Skins. However, fans have been wondering where this Seasons Twitch prime exclusive skin is as they always announce it when we are in the middle of the season. Regarding Twticth Prime pack 3 not happening for these season @Tridzo @postboxpat @HappinessInHD @DEADGAMING_LIVE @ShuffleGamerYT #Fortnite #Fortni...[Read More]

Rage 2 Won’t Have Mod Support at Launch

Rage 2 Won’t Have Mod Support at Launch   When Rage 2 was revealed at E3 earlier this year it shocked most fans as no one ever expected a sequel to Rage. Rage 2 is different from any other game on the market and has intrigued many fans across the globe. The PC version of Rage 2 will not have mod support at launch but within time I do feel we will see it in the game.  Rage 2 game director Tim ...[Read More]

Monster Hunter World PC Sales Suspended In China

Monster Hunter World PC Sales Suspended In China   Monster Hunter World which had over 1 million preorders through WeGame has gotten into some trouble. As we learned that WeGame has been forced to remove it from those libraries and suspend the sales. There is no current plan to relaunch the game in China which is a huge play to the community. The reason why it is not being sold in China is be...[Read More]

Every Fallout 76 Perk Revealed So Far

Fallout 76 Perks Overview Bethesda recently released a new video in their usual style to tell players of the new S.P.E.C.I.A.L perk system, now with cards! Fallout 76 brings a new way to increase the stats on your character. The new system brings a card leveling system to the game where the player can choose from packs of cards to increase their strength, perception, endurance, charisma, intellige...[Read More]

Quake Champions Turns Into Free-To-Play

Quake Champions Turns  Into Free-To-Play   A year ago we saw the release of Quake Champions which upon release was free to play but also had the option to purchase it straight out. After an announcement, it seems that Quake Champions will be fully free to play even tho it is still in early access. This announcement took place at QuakeCon which happened last week when we saw Bethesda would say...[Read More]


More announcements come from the writer, Stanislaw Swiecicki, about CD Projekt Red’s newest game CyberPunk 2077. Previously, we saw game footage and heard news about the game from E3 2018. With some new information making headlines about the main protagonist of the game, V, we see the choices taken will choose her path. V’s path and choices will be more independent than that of Geralt from th...[Read More]

Elder Scrolls Legends Is Getting Long-Term Support From Bethesda

Elder Scrolls Legends Is Getting Long-Term Support From Bethesda Pete Hines, Bethesda’s vice president of global marketing, recently spoke about wanting Elder Scrolls: Legends to be cross- play you can check that article out here. However, Pete also goes on to say that they want to support the game for a long time it isn’t just something they want to launch and forget about, he had this to s...[Read More]

Fortnite Week 6 Challenges Leaked

The weekly Fortnite leaks seem to be becoming a thing as of late. Week 6 isn’t until next week but earlier this morning we saw some challenges that are set for week 6 being leaked. If you want to start scouting and planning for week 6 now is the time to do so. Most of the week 6 challenges are easy and simple and should only take a few games to complete them. Deal 500 Headshot Damage to oppo...[Read More]

First in-game look at the Heavy Sniper

First in-game look at the Heavy Sniper The Heavy Sniper Rifle was discovered a while back in the files by Dataminers, With it rumored to release next week. Data miners have managed to get the Heavy Sniper Rifle in-game and reveal what it looks like as well as some statistics. 157 Damage and destroys ANY object in 1 SHOT! pic.twitter.com/kQTCZ7jW6a — Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks (@FNBRLeaks) Augus...[Read More]

Rage 2 may come out for Nintendo Switch

id Software is evaluating it At Quakecon 2018 we got spoiled with an extended gameplay of Rage 2 and OMG did it look amazing. We also got to see Doom Eternal Which was announced that it would be coming to the Switch. With Doom Eternal coming to the Switch it seems impossible for Rage 2 not to come to the Switch as well as it would be a perfect fit for the console. Well this is was Tim Willits id S...[Read More]

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